This process us moderated by a team that includes people from two perceived ‘sides’ to keep the dialogue constructive and on-topic. This team is Michael Nugent, Monette Richards and Skep Tickle.

For each agenda item, we will start with opening statements, that will be published simultaneously, composed by individuals who may be associated with a perceived ‘side’ but who are participating as individuals, as are all participants.

When these opening statements have been published, other participants can comment on them, and indicate to what extent these statements reflect their own opinions, based on these guidelines on how to participate.

Participants and visitors to the site may also comment generally on the agenda item, and discuss it among each other, under a separate post dedicated to this discussion, again based on these guidelines on how to participate.

The people who published the opening statements will then make responding statements to each others’ opening statements. These will be published as separate posts, which can then be commented on in the same way.

We will repeat this process of statements, followed by comments, followed by statements, until we have reached as close to a consensus as we can attain. This will include identifying areas where we agree to differ.

The ongoing statements may include feedback from the comments, but they are not obliged to. If a statement does include feedback from comments, that will in turn be responded to in the next round of statements.

We will also learn as we go along how to fine-tune or adapt the structure for future agenda items.

Please read the guidelines on how to participate before you post a comment.

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